About Us

A Different Degree of Wealth

We Are Financial Advisors
Headquartered in Greenville, SC

Our firm’s founder, Bryan Ballentine, began his career in the financial services business with American Express Financial Advisors (AEFA). After a successful career with AEFA, he opened the independent firm of Ballentine Capital Advisors to specialize in helping others based on the principles of objectivity, independence, and focus on clients. Ballentine Capital Advisors is built on the philosophy that “We succeed when our clients succeed.” Our wealth management firm, through our years of experience and professional credentials, specializes in a focus on retirement, retirement income, and wealth planning.

Our Vision

To partner with a select group of clients to maximize their Real Wealth to live a fulfilled life financially today and for generations to come.

Our Mission

At Ballentine Capital Advisors we seek to serve our clients wealth needs through providing premier advice and service in wealth management.  We seek to passionately and empathetically provide the highest standard of fiduciary care, always putting our partner’s clients’ best interest before our own.

Core Values

  • To provide clients with highly trained professionals to serve their needs.
  • To always do what is right.
  • To provide timely, accurate service with a smile on our face and care in our voice and heart.
  • To do what we say we will do when we say we would do it. We will clearly communicate any problem with the person we are serving if needed.
  • To tell our clients what they need to hear, while respectfully understanding this may not always be what they want to hear.
  • To provide an environment where our team members may lead and achieve a productive and successful professional and personal life.
  • To transparently and eagerly partner with a client together on progress.  To communicate both successes and challenges that arise in an open and direct manner with clients in order to achieve success.
  • To be good stewards of our community through generously giving of our time and talents which we have been given.
  • To treat clients, team members, and our community with care.  To strive to add value and happiness to each other and the community we serve.

Why choose Ballentine Capital Advisors?

We know inflation and taxes will reduce the value of a poorly designed portfolio or retirement plan, so it is critical to have a plan that combats these potentially destructive forces to your person’s wealth. The creation and execution of good retirement planning for most, can be the difference between financial peace and financial turmoil.

We work for you and not Wall Street, so we are able to independently and objectively assess, review, and analyze how the wealth of our clients can provide an income for their lifetime as well as a legacy for multiple generations.

We are entrusted with some of the most important decisions our clients will make in their lifetime, so we believe it is critical that financial planners help structure your portfolio and retirement income to capture returns based on the market and not on a manager. That’s our promise and the responsibility of a good fiduciary.

We believe you have the right to seek a relationship with a trusted, qualified financial advisor, whether that is us or another. We are honored if we are entrusted with this responsibility.