Help us eliminate medical debt for families in South Carolina

Medical bills affect us all. Whether by chance or not, our health is always a concern and risk. Unfortunately, this affects some worse than others. Many of us can be one bad accident or health crisis from a serious financial burden.
The good news is there is a great organization, RIP Medical Debt that is working to help eradicate medical debt for families in our community. Ballentine Capital Advisors is teaming up with Scott Crawford who is running the South Carolina campaign and is challenging our clients and community to help us raise $3,000 to eliminate medical debt in SC. Through the work of RIP Medical Debt, $3,000 has historically eliminated $300,000 in debt for local SC families.
One awesome note is 100% of the donations will go towards medical debt elimination, and last year this organization was able to abolish close to $12 million of burdensome medical debt, for over 12,000 families!
Ballentine Capital Advisors is donating $1,000 to kick off the fundraiser! Click the link below to help us meet our goal of eradicating medical debt!

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