Our View on Wealth

Our View on Wealth

Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Investment Manager

With many financial institutions peddling their proprietary products and services, it is critical for investors and retirees to get objective, independent advice regarding their wealth from a trustworthy financial planner.

Why choose Ballentine Capital Advisors?

  • We know inflation and taxes will reduce the value of a poorly designed portfolio or retirement plan, so it is critical to have a plan that combats these potentially destructive forces to your person’s wealth. The creation and execution of good retirement planning for most, can be the difference between financial peace and financial turmoil.
  • We work for you and not Wall Street, so we are able to independently and objectively assess, review and analyze how the wealth of our clients can provide an income for their lifetime as well as a legacy for multiple generations.
  • We are entrusted with some of the most important decisions our clients will make in their lifetime, so we believe it is critical that an financial planners help structure your portfolio and retirement income to capture returns based on the market and not on a manager. That's our promise and the responsibility of a good fiduciary.
  • We believe you have the right to seek a relationship with a trusted, qualified financial adviser, whether that is us or another. We are honored if we are entrusted with this responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different from other advisors and the bank across the street?
Our clients step into our office and are met with a caring advisor and staff who are not only dedicated to providing current information and advice in our areas of specialty, but also strive to foster long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect for our clients. At the end of the day, and throughout each client’s life stage, we are committed to keeping our client’s best interest in mind.

Ballentine Capital Advisors offers the guidance and personal dedication needed to help each client reach their financial goals. Our firm works closely with each person to assess their needs and desires, create a life-long plan, recommend and implement suitable strategies and actions that tailor specifically to the client’s unique situation, and then monitor and review for adjustments. From wealth maximization in retirement to small business planning, we work as a team to help each of our clients attain the financial success they desire.

Who should hire us?
We can best help those who have achieved a degree of wealth and wish to improve upon their success. Generally, clients with investable assets of at least $500,000 or who may reasonably have that amount or more in the next three years find the most value from our services.

What is our mission?
Our mission is to ensure that our clients are able to live a fulfilled life financially. We recognize that financial success for clients increases dramatically if the investor is educated and coached to not fall in the trap of behavioral mistakes that plague the average investor. Therefore, we strive in this endeavor to deliver a different degree of wealth to those we are privileged to serve.

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